Youth concentrate for your skin
Perfect skin without wrinkles after a month of using RECHIOL cream
  • smoothes out wrinkles
  • lifts facial contours
  • synthesizes collagen and elastin
  • restores skin resilience
  • long-lasting effect
Age changes are inevitable after 25:
Collagen and elastin levels decline
Skin loses its resilience, becomes loose
Deep wrinkles develop
Collagen level
Are you ready to put up with this?
Rechiol get botox effect without injections
RECHIOL cream with bakuchiol and plant-based retinol stimulates collagen production, smoothes out wrinkles, restores skin resilience and lifts facial contours. The cream contains a unique complex made of PEPHA®-TIGHT microalgae, which has a long-lasting lifting effect.
RECHIOL a professional skincare product for home use
Anti-aging cream Rechiol has cumulative effect, so you will enjoy ideally smooth and young skin for a long time
Restores skin structure
Relaxes facial muscles
Smooth out wrinkles from inside
Synthesizes collagen and elastin
Improves skin complexion
Enhances elasticity and resilience
Builds clear facial contour
Moisturizes, nourishes and tonifies the skin
Active components for smoothing out wrinkles
Natural ingredients:
Bakuchiol - is a plant-based analogue of retinol. Has antiseptic effect, stimulates collagen synthesis and suppresses melanin production
Collagen, licorice extract - smoothes out wrinkles, lifts facial contours, prevents sagging skin and forms new collagen fibers.
Almond oil, vitamin C -moisturizes and cleanses the skin, saturates it with vitamins, speeds up regeneration and eliminates undesired pigmentation.
PEPHA®-TIGHT - a microalgae complex which has long-lasting lifting effect. Reduces wrinkles and protects the skin from external factors.
Professional opinion
Smooth skin without injection drives a boom in the beauty industry. This was achieved thanks to an innovative product – anti-ageing cream RECHIOL. A patented mineral microalgae complex smoothes even the deepest age-related wrinkles. The effect is similar to that produced by botox, while there’re no side effects or contraindications. The product doesn’t limit a person’s ability to make full expressions; it also enables the synthesis of own collagen and elastin for skin resilience. I have been using RECHIOL for a long time and my clients are satisfied with it.
Kamilla Schneider, a leading cosmetologist of a British rejuvenation center Versua Clinic
Rechiol efficiency is clinically proved
Clinical proved results of using the product for 4 weeks:
Smoothened wrinkles
Tight and resilient skin
Clear facial contours
Even skin tone and glowing skin
*Skin problems & treatments medical center
Just 4 weeks left until your transformation
1 week
Cream active components penetrate your skin deeply, reach facial muscles and relax them due to blocking conduction of nerve impulses along fibres. Meanwhile, your facial expression doesn’t get distorted.
2 week
Thanks to cumulative effect, produced by peptide complexes of the cream, the wrinkles gradually get smoothened out, facial contours get narrower.
3 week
The skin becomes tight and resilient thanks to developing its own collagen and elastin. Aging processes slow down. Sea extracts actively nourish and moisturize the skin.
4 week
You aren’t the only one who can see the results: other people notice them now, too: you wrinkles get smoothened, face contours become clear and you skin glows with beauty and youth.
You will look 10 years younger just in a month!
I look like a 30-year-old at the age of 46 thanks to Rechiol
No dress or hairstyle can adorn a woman if her face doesn’t glow with beauty and youth. Cosmetics can’t hide wrinkles. RECHIOL cream helps me to remain your for many years. Unlike surgery and botox injections, RECHIOL doesn’t affect my ability to make facial expressions that I need so much for my work, so I don’t have to worry about my face. What is also very important for me is that wrinkles don’t appear any more and I look younger than I am.
Chloe Rogers
Actress, TV host
RECHIOL is a choice of women from all over the world
Reviews of the women who has already got younger:
Valery Bolson 41 y.o.
Can’t say I’m old, but, you know, the wrinkles are too pronounced. I’m afraid of trying botox injections ‘cause I’m not sure that my face will be all right after the procedure. My friend, a cosmetologist, told me about RECHIOL. So I ordered it on the site and paid upon delivery. I didn’t expect a cosmetic product to produce such an effect – two weeks later, my wrinkles began to get smoothened and my face got lifted.
Kate Hill 36 y.o.
I’ve always loved laughing. I don’t know whether it’s true that laughter helps us live linger, but I’m absolutely sure – it causes wrinkles. These harmless mimic wrinkles grow deeper and deeper as time goes on. You know, it’s not funny at all. I’ve been using RECHIOL for almost a month and my wrinkles are really less pronounced now. Highly recommended!
Stephanie Alder 62 y.o.
I’m always looking for an ideal skin care product, that’s why I always try brand new ones. Recently, I chose RECHIOL. Look at the photos – it feels like I became 10 years younger! Crow's feet and lines around the lips are gone just like I’ve never had them. It seems that I’ve finally found a proper skin care product for my face. It’s also nice that it’s not expensive. I’ll undergo one more course a month later.
How to use Rechiol
Remove make up and/or dirt from your face, towel dry your face.
Shake the product up before using it.
Apply the cream to face, neck and decollete skin.
Wait until it fully absorbs.
Use RECHIOL rejuvenating cream instead of other skin care products
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Order the serum to restore youth of your skin without injections or surgery Rechiol
Amazing results after a month of use!
  • smoothes out wrinkles
  • lifts facial contours
  • synthesizes collagen and elastin
  • restores skin resilience
  • long-lasting effect
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